City Administrator

City Administrator:

Duties & Responsibilities

The position of City Administrator is filled by appointment of the Mayor, subject to confirmation by City Council. Under the direction and authority of the Mayor the City Administrator shall supervise, administer, and coordinate the activities and functions of all City officers, departments, commissions and boards to implement City ordinances and policies through the effective use of City employees, funds, materials, facilities, and time, and shall direct and control the overall operations of the City to assure optimum services to the community.


Under the direction and authority of the Mayor, the City Administrator shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Plan and direct all administrative activities of the City, develop and implement internal policies and procedures, evaluate City employees, and take necessary actions to improve operations.
  • Provide information and advice to the Mayor, City Council, other public officials and the public on the City’s operations.
  • Act as the City’s representative in such areas as labor relations, intergovernmental relations, conferences, conventions, and seminars related to public management.
  • Delegate responsibility as necessary to accomplish the desired objectives.
  • Attend meetings of the City Council and other boards and commissions as necessary to coordinate and satisfy the administrative needs of the City.
  • Act to resolve operational conflicts, decide and implement alternate courses of action, formulate administrative policies, and otherwise make decisions in the best interest of the City’s operations.
  • Recommend for adoption by the Council such measures as he or she may deem necessary or expedient.
  • Prepare and submit to the Mayor and Council such reports as may be required by that body, or as he or she may deem advisable to submit.
  • Keep the Mayor and Council fully informed and advised of the financial conditions of the City and its future needs.
  • Coordinate and supervise preparation of the preliminary budget for submission to the Mayor, and administer the budget after its adoption.
  • Serves and acts, for purposes of emergency and disaster powers on behalf of the Mayor as the City’s Emergency Management Coordinator.
  • Effectuates annually the City’s Financial, Municipal Court Fines, Workers Comp and Debt Service Audits
  • Performs other related duties of a comparable level as required by the Mayor

For additional information, contact

Julius Kizzee
City Administrator 
[email protected]
Phone: 903.432.3522 x 106

City Secretary

Duties & Responsibilities

The City Secretary performs the essential functions of both City Secretary and Assistant to the City Administrator and Mayor providing highly responsible managerial and administrative assistance to meet the needs of the City.  The position of City Secretary is filled by hire of the City Administrator, subject to confirmation by City Council. It is the overall role of the City Secretary to prepare and post all legal, agenda and meeting notices, provide staff support to the City Council and Council-appointed boards, prepare document for and recording of official Council Meeting minutes, prepare ordinances, resolutions and other related business.

Under the direction and authority of the City Administrator, the City Secretary shall have the following duties::

  • Administering City Elections
  • Preparing Council Agendas and recording Council meetings and workshops
  • Coordinating and attending public meetings in accordance with Texas Local Govt Code
  • Preparing and disseminating Council informational packets, public hearing notices and other official notifications
  • Maintain official city records and respond to public information requests
  • Prepares account payable / receivable and posts payments to the general ledger
  • Sets up chart of accounts and loads the budget and amendments in financial software
  • Reconciles bank statements and accounts payable / receivable
  • Prepares and process staff payroll and liabilities
  • Assists with year end audit; prepares documents for outside auditors

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For additional information, contact

Cheryl Odom
City Secretary 
[email protected]
Phone: 903.432.3522 x 102