Juveniles in Municipal Court

If you are 16 years of age or younger and received a citation, your parent / guardian will be sent a letter of notice to appear in court with you before the Municipal Court Judge. This is required by state law. If you fail to appear, a notice will be sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety to suspend your driver’s license or prohibit you from getting one. Also, an order can be issued for a marshal to take you into custody from school or home until a parent can appear with you.

The one and only exception is if you have been issued a citation for a dismissible violation (i.e. Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility, Expired MVR, Expired MVI, Expired Driver’s License, Fail to Display Driver’s License or Defective Equipment). You may present the required proof of compliance with any applicable dismissal fee at the court clerk’s counter before court. Please refer to the back of the citation for compliance deadlines and proof requirements.

You must wear appropriate attire in the courtroom. Cell phones should be turned off or left on silent

If you have any questions / concerns regarding any of this information, please feel free to call the court clerk at 903-432-3522 EXT. 103