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Ashley Payne – Court Clerk
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Active Warrants

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The City of Tool Municipal Court is responsible for the adjudication of Class C misdemeanors and other state and city ordinance violations punishable by fine only.  The court conducts preliminary and pretrial hearings and trials, collects fines and court costs and issues warrants of arrest and search.

Court is held Monday through Thursday at between 9:00 am – 10:00 am.  All cases are heard at 701 N. Tool Dr. in the City Hall.  Trials are held once a month at five thirty pm in the Oran White Civic Center which is located next door to City Hall.  The law requires that you make an appearance either in person or by mail; phone calls do not constitute an appearance.  If you were issued a citation, you have until the date on the citation to enter a plea, pay your fine and costs, make payment arrangements, or set a court date.  Failure to appear by the date noted on your citation may result in an Alias Warrant being issued for your arrest.  If you have been released on bond, you must contact the court for your court date (unless otherwise stated on the bond).  Failure to appear according to the terms of your bond may result in a bond forfeiture lawsuit being filled against you and a warrant being issued for your arrest.  If a complainant filed your case, you will be notified by regular mail of your court appearance.  Failure to appear may result in an Alias Warrant being issued for your arrest.

The Tool Municipal Court has currently joined forces with AMS (American Municipal Services) to collect on past due fines that are 60 days or older and in Warrant Status.  If you have received a Collection Letter, you will need to contact AMS directly to make arrangements. All warrants that have been sent to collections are subject to a 30% collection fee. To find out if you have a Warrant, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Warrant List.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are My Rights?
You have a right to enter a plea of “guilty”, “nolo contender” or “not guilty” to each offense charged, the right to consult an attorney and the right to a jury or non-jury trial. If you plead “not guilty”, you will need to decide whether to employ an attorney to represent you. You may defend yourself, but on one else except a attorney may represent you.

How Can I Plea?
A plea must be made in person or by mail. By a plea of “guilty”, you admit that the act is prohibited by law, that you committed the act charged and that you have no defense or excuse for your act. A plea of “nolo contender” (or “no contest”) means that you do not contest the State’s charge against you. While it is not an admission by you that you are guilty, you will almost certainly be found guilty. A plea of guilty or no contest, and a finding of guilt, will result in a conviction on your record. However, a plea of “no contest” cannot be used against you in a subsequent civil suit for damages. A plea of “not guilty” means that you are informing the Court that you deny guilt or that you have a good defense, and that the State must prove what is charged against you.

What If I Am A Juvenile?
Juveniles must appear in person before the Judge, accompanied by a parent or guardian. Notice of their court date and time will be mailed by the clerk to the address shown on the citation.

What Are My Options For Dismissal Of Certain Offenses?

  • No Driver’s License or Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Liability Insurance) may be dismissed with proof that you had a valid driver’s license, financial responsibility, or insurance policy at the time of the offense. The courts will call to verify coverage on the date of citation in order for dismissal.
  • Expired Driver’s License may be dismissed upon payment of a $20.00 dismissal fee with proof that you renewed your license by the court date on the citation.
  • Expired Vehicle Registration may be dismissed upon payment of a $20.00 dismissal fee with proof of renewal of registration done by the court date on the citation. Registration must be renewed for a full year and penalties paid.
  • Deferred Disposition is available to dismiss most offenses if you are not currently on probation for another offense within Henderson County. You must pay the equivalent of the window fine and costs as the special expense fee and not receive any citations for similar offenses within the State of Texas during the 90 / 180 day deferral period. You must request this option by the court date on the citation. This option is not available if you were speeding 25 miles an hour or more over the posted speed limit or if you held a commercial driver’s license at the time of the offense. Some offenses may have additional requirements.
  • Driving Safety Course may be used to dismiss one moving traffic offense. You must provide written request to the Court by the court date on the citation. You will be required to pay the administrative fee and court costs. This option is not available if you were speeding 25 miles or more over the posted speed limit or if you held a commercial driver’s license at the time of the offense. You may only take the driving safety course for dismissal of an offense once in a 12 month period.

**Please read the following before you attempt to pay your citation on line** 

It would be to your advantage to call the court BEFORE making a payment online.  Several options are available to help you keep tickets off your driving record. Please be aware that not all violations may be paid online, some will require your appearance in court or payment must be made in the Municipal Court clerk’s office as additional paperwork will be required.

Be aware that pleading and paying online may constitute a conviction being reported to DPS, which could effect your driving privileges.

You may NOT want to pay online if any of the following apply to you:

      • – If you desire to keep a violation off your driving record
      • – Requesting a driver’s safety course, deferred disposition or extension
      • – Any violation involving a minor with tobacco or alcohol
      • – Contesting the citation
      • – Under the age of 17 at the time of the violation
      • – You are not sure if you have a warrant for your arrest.

To proceed with paying your citation on line, please do so at or you may call 877-793-7971.  You will need your citation number and the amount due in order to process the payment.